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a thin coating of ice or frozen rain


VERGLAS features a stunning collection of jewellery depicting both solid and transitional states of ice. Capturing these stages of transformation in silver Nikos has produced two contrasting yet connected collections which explore the process of change.


By applying fire to wax to achieve abstract forms, VERGLAS stands as a process driven collection. This made me consider the primary and relational properties of the materials I work with.

‘the power in fire to produce a new colour, or consistency in wax by its primary qualities is as much a quality in fire, as the power it has to produce in me a new idea or sensation of warmth or burning’.




Frozen curled waves deflect light and adapt to the environment they inhabit. Cracked flushing ice adopts forms of speckled silhouettes. The resulting effect in wholly experiential, bridging the gap of a captured physical space far removed from the viewer and captivating the audience within an immersive reflection.

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